Leadership Structure

The player created Barony of Axis. The barony’s current capital of Novo Imperius is located along the northern shore of Tuskwater Lake. The current leader is Karras.

Kingdom Log

Abadius, 4711 – Stability failed. Constructed mine and road at L. Gold Mine (-8). Trolls encountered at X. River Crossing.

Calistril, 4711 – Stability passed. No construction. No expansion. Jhod witnessed meteor showers that were a good omen. Marshal Sootscale organized a search party for Tig Tannerson, a boy who went missing earlier that month. When the kobolds failed to locate the child, Karras, Cornelius, Sylus, and Auriar searched for him and discovered him held by a tribe of lizardfolk to the south at the behest of a manipulative willo’ wisp. He was rescued, but non-fatally mauled by a bear on the trek home.

Pharast, 4711 – Stability passed. No construction. No expansion. Darenell stops in town and composes a song about the founding of Axis. Bokken appointed magister.

Gozran, 4711 – Stability passed. Constructed caster’s tower in Novo Imperius, Karras begins training students in the art of magic item construction.

Desnus, 4711 – Stability passed. No construction. Sold magic items.

12. Sarenith, 4711 – Stability passed. Generated 4th level divine scroll & Rod of Flame Extinguishing. Constructed garrison. Sold Rod of Flame Extinguishing. Kenneth called emergency council meeting to address several brutal killings of citizens and livestock.

Erastus, 4711 – Stability passed. Generated 2nd level arcane wand. Claimed Spider’s Den, constructed farm and road there. Sold 2nd level wand. Received bounty for forest drake, Howl of the North Wind, and the bounty from Restov to hunt the trolls.

Arodus, 4711 – Stability passed. Generated 3rd level divine scroll. Claimed trapped thycaline hex, constructed road there. Constructed theater in Novo Imperius. Trolls attacked the city, damaging the garrison & theater.

Rova, 4711 – Stability passed. Generated 5th level divine scroll & 3rd level arcane wand. Claimed Tatzlford!

Lamashan, 4711 -

Neth, 4711 – Stability failed. Claimed plains hex east of Spider’s Nest, built farm and road. Generated 1st level Potion. Sold Mask of the Skull. Gyrona cult rooted out.

Kuthona, 4711 – Stability bad failed. Generated Ring of Blinking. Built in House Novo Imperius. Sold Ring of Blinking. Withdrew two build points. Tyrion & Cornelius visited Restov to cure Cornelius’ lycanthropy and visited the Orlevsky house. Karras revealed more mechanical wonders, including the first clockwork spy, the Throne of Axis, and the Axis “Hellhound I” Custom Chopper.

Abadius, 4712 – Stability bad failed. Generated 4th lvl scroll. Built House & Market in Novo Imperius. Novo Imperius base value = 2200gp. Turned all item slots into a deposit of 4000gp for 1 build point. Passed economy check.

Calistril, 4712 – Stability passed. lvl 4 arcane scroll (m), 2nd lvl wand(m), 2nd lvl potion, 1st lvl potion, 2nd lvl potion, 1st lvl potion. Built Mech/Monument, repaired 2 houses. Sold 2nd lvl wand (m). Passed economy check.

Pharast, 4712 – Stability passed. Generated Deck of Illusions. Repaired House, constructed City Wall. Sold deck of illusions. Passed economy check.

Gozran, 4712 – Stability failed. Passed economy check. Cornelius rode to Restov to sell loot from Elven Tower & Mad Hermit. Battle Wagon constructed. End of the month received word from Restov that Varnhold has gone dark.

Desnus, 4712 – Stability passed. Karras resumes roll as King, Tyrion goes back to Grand Diplomat, and _____ goes to High Priest. Cathedral constructed. Economy passed. Expedition to Varnhold organized.

Sarenith, 4712 – Stability passed. Embassy set up in Jovvox. Economy passed. Claimed Old Sycamore hex & built road. Explored Nettle’s Crossing.

Erastus, 4712 – Stability passed. Claimed Nettle’s Crossing hex & built road. Exploration expedition is mounted but slain by a Great Cyclops. Built Bank in Novo Imperius. Deposited Varnhold funds for 13 bp. Established trade with Drow city.

Arodus, 4712 – Stability passed. Centaur’s dealt with.

Rova, 4712 – ANARCHY AVOIDED. Stability passed. Refilled magic item slots. Built farm and road near Varnhold. Rebuilt cathedral and brothel.

Lamashan, 4712 – Stability passed. Started clearing land for Nova Prospekt. Built farm and road near Varnhold. Founded Colonial Day holiday, celebrated 26th Arodus.

Neth, 4712 – Stability passed. Built road and farm near Varnhold. Built 2 parks in Novo Imperius, built Stable in Varnhold, repaired Smithy in Novo Imperius.

Kuthona, 4712 – Stability passed. Built and road near Varnhold. Built Mint in Novo Imperius.

Abadius, 4713 – Stability passed. Built Military Academy in Varnhold.

Calistril, 4713 – Stability passed. Built road and farm. Built two walls and a Jail in Nova Prospekt.

Pharast, 4713 – Stability passed. Built mine below Nova Prospekt, built Road+Sawmill, Road+Farm, & Road+Farm in northern Greenbelt. Built 2 City Walls & Foundry in Nova Prospekt.

Gozran (April), 4713 – Stability passed. Claimed 3 hexes around Shrike Cascade. Saved for Waterfront.

Desnus, 4713 – Stability passed. Claimed 3 hexes around Crooked Falls. Saved for Waterfront.

Sarenith, 4713 – Stability passed. Claimed 3 hexes in Dunsward. Built Waterfront in Novo Imperius.


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