Homebrew Rules

Downtime Rules

Exotic Weapon Proficiency
A character that trains with a weapon can become proficient with said weapon. This takes 2 months of downtime if she is self-taught. The time is reduced to 1 month if she has an instructor who also devotes their month of downtime to the process.

A character that devotes her downtime to learning a language can do so without obtaining linguistics skill points. The character’s intelligence must be 10 or above. The process takes 3 months if she has a willing, native speaker teaching her. If there is no native speaker, the process takes 6 months and requires a small initial investment to purchase proper reading materials. The cost of these materials is determined by the rarity of the language.

Profession Checks
If the city that a character preforms their Profession check in has an appropriate related building, (Example: a brothel, and profession madam) checks made gain the full d20 benefit in gold, instead of the regular half.

Homebrew Rules

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