3 – The council meets for their seventh meeting.
8 – Tig Tannerson wanders off.
10 – Trolls are spotted at the river crossing north-east of Novo Imperius. A caravan is attacked crossing the bridge.
11 – Chief Sootscale informs the party of the Trolls. Happs scouts out the area. The party slays the Trolls.
18 – The council holds an open forum for anyone with information on troll activity in the south. Minimal information about the troll is gathered, but the town unloads their complaints.
25 – The gold mine at location L is annexed and put into production.
29 – The complaint about the missing child, Tig, is followed up. Chief Sootscale sends out a team of kobold trackers to find the child.

3 – The council meets for their eighth meeting.
5 – A meteor shower is witnessed by citizens across the countryside. Jhod proclaims it as a good omen.
10 – The kobolds return, unsuccessful in finding Tig.
16 – Sylus, Karrus, Cornelius and Auriar set out to find Tig. They encounter the Old Belmaid along the way. They find a tribe of lizardfolk led by King Vesket. A will-o’-Wisp ambushes the party, attempting to drain Karrus of life. The party ultimately defeats the will-o’-wisp with Vesket’s help. They find Tig in the village, no longer a prisoner to the wisp.
17 – Tig is mauled by a bear on the return trip home. He survives thanks to the party’s healing.
24 – Darinelle arrives in the city to play a song he has composed about its founding months. Tourism increases.

3 – The council meets for their ninth meeting
4 – After careful consideration, Bokken is hesitantly brought in as the kingdom’s Magister. Auriar is given leave to Tatzlford. Bokken asks the party to retrieve Troll’s blood or some Shamblesap for his unsavory experiments.
24 – Ground is broken on an unconventional caster’s tower. The plans seem to lean more towards a clockwork forge.

3 – Council meets for their tenth meeting.
10 – The caster’s tower is completed.
14 – Rumors of a burgeoning clockwork nation draw new vassals. Ebik Willsprock, his daughter Amorette Willsprock, and 25 skilled Gnomish Alchemists make their way to Novo Imperius from regions unknown.
16 – Karrus begins teaching students in the arts of magical item construction.

3 – The Council meets for their eleventh meeting.
30 – some livestock and a farmhand are found slaughtered in a field. Kenneth begins his investigation.

1 – A second death discovered, this time a barmaid from Jemzy’s brothel.
2 – The party confronts the werewolf with Kenneth. After defeating him, they find, to their relief, it wasn’t Cornelius.
3 – The council meets for their twelfth meeting.
14 – Construction of the garrison completed.

3 – the council meets for their thirteenth meeting.
6 – Kenneth mentions some bounties that have been collected around town. Howl-of-the-North-Wind and a Forest Drake.
9 – Restov sends another charter offering a reward for the kingdom if the take care of the growing threat of the Trolls.

3 – the council meets for their fourteenth meeting.
14 – Trolls attack Novo Imperius. The party kills the Trolls attacking the theater, Kenneth and the city guard repel the Trolls attacking the garrison. Both buildings are heavily damaged in the attack. Bokken commits arson, Cornelius provides punishment.
15 – Bokken wakes up and the party turns in a bottle of Trolls blood for his experiments. He offers 1200 gp of potion-making for the party.

3 – the council meets for their fifteenth meeting.
5 – Claimed Tatzlford as part of the kingdom, and the citizens are happy to be under the rule of competent leaders. Loy Rezbin allowed to keep his position as mayor.
11 – Ebik Willsprock comes to Karrus with an emergency.
16 – The troll fortress was found.
22 – An army of kobolds and the Tinkerer’s Union went to fight the troll horde, and the leading council infiltrated the fortress and killed the Chief Hargulka. Evidence of a higher intelligence organizing the trolls against Axis was discovered within. The armies were victorious, but at the cost massive casualties to the Tinkerer’s Union.
25 – A man named Gregori and claiming to have been hired by Drelev in the west was discovered spreading dissent in Novo Imperius. An elaborate conspiracy was hatched to have him accused of treason & executed, and despite some complications and Gregori’s near escape,
26 – Grigori was captured and put on trial. The council heard his claims, saw the evidence that Tyrion concocted, and listened to the desire of the people. He was found guilty and executed by Cornelius.

1 – Received shipment of goods from Restov for taking care of the trolls. Claimed hex with Bokken’s hut, built farm and roads there.
3 – The council meets for their sixteenth meeting.
8 – Loy Rezbin also reported that the fey south of Tatzlford were disturbing the lumberjacks’ trade routes.
9 – Fey rumors investigated, A nixie named Melianse found to be protective of a grove. 8/9 lumberjacks are slain by an enraged werewolf Cornelius.


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