Evil Kingmaker

Icing Daddy Stag

1st of Sarenith – Gathered a small force from Oleg’s Trading Post to assault the Staglord’s Fort. Included were Karras, Cornelius, Sylus, Tyrion, Happs, Mary, Auriar, Captain Kenneth, Kesten, and Jemzy. The plan of attack was to send in the stolen delivery of alcohol for the Stag Lord, which had been poisoned by Bokken and was concealing Karras and Sylus. After the poison took effect, Tyrion and Happs, having delivered the alcohol shipment, opened owlbear’s cage and then the front gate of the fort, allowing the rest of the force to rush in and take the fort.

2nd of Sarenith – The vanguard arrived at the Stag Lord’s Fort and performed a flawless execution of the attack plan. The Stag Lord, Ox, Dovan, Falgrim, and one other bandit survived. Kesten unfortunately fell to Falgrim during their duel on the ramparts. Mary killed two men with Kenneth’s assistance and broke down, stabbing the bodies repeatedly in her hysteria. Jemzy and Cornelius had a night of debauchery unlike any other to settle the dispute over an elaborate pewter belt buckle depicting two entwined succubi, which was recovered from the Stag Lord’s personal chest. It was decided that the party would try to keep the owlbear alive, so it was left in its cage with several corpses in hopes that it would not starve to death.

3rd of Sarenith – With the Stag Lord defeated, the group prepared to head back north with its train of prisoners.


I can’t believe I lost that belt buckle

Icing Daddy Stag

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